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Collection: Cité Bubble. A collection by Gill Allderman

My Mum has this amazing collection called the "C i t é   B u b b l e " consisting of 39 charcoal dust pieces on cotton.
She created it during her time in her Art Residency in Paris,
which takes place in this bustling block where creatives from around the world come to work, sleep, and create in their own small studios.
"It's like being in a perpetual floating creative bubble, where one encounters jazz musicians, actors, artists, and a multitude of inspiring individuals from around the world"

Each of the 39 works represents an artist and their studio number that she met during her residency, serving as a beautiful reminder of the power of collaboration, inspiration, diverse perspectives, and the arts' ability to unite and bring beauty to everyday life.

The figures dance and float within frames, and rise from dust—a gentle reminder to transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. A celebration of life.
- and I'm so mad about them ! I think they're the perfect pieces in so many ways and love what they represent. 
That I thought it would be cool to offer 4 of them here for anyone else who was looking for something very different to what I normally do. 

All the works are origninals, and a perfect starting point if you're looking to invest into something more affordable and a piece of fine art.  They're soft and neutral and work in any interior setting too. 

To be honest - its an amazing opportunity and I'm just unbiasedly obsessed with them and would just love to spread the pieces around the world. 

The four that I have chosed here are called : 
#8127 Antonia Scharl . German
#8005 Louise . Irish
#8312 Kristof van Heeschvelde . Belgian
#8323 Uthman Wahaab . Nigerian

* Note these works can take up to two days for delivery