The Golden Apostles

The Golden Apostles

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I've collabed with my super-mum! 

Golden Apostles.  

Best printed on a Matte textured paper +/- 180g

Prints was actually born a couple of years ago when my mum and I collabed on an exhibition in Bree Street. Our whole vibe was taking her beautiful over-scaled abstract pieces and translating them through my architectural digital language to create a series of nostalgic works. 

I've been wanting to do an abstract landscape with her for ages, so here you have it! Shown in a bedroom re-dazzle. 

Her original piece was created with gold leaf, ink and etching and is magnificent! 

For those of you around , she and her two friends from their Paris residency have an exhibition on this weekend @ 6 DALEBROOK CAFE.. I'm gunning it there to look/ collect some incredible pieces, including this original,  and highly suggest you try get there too. :) 

Hope to see you there ! 
Sarch x