Dior Spring // Fashion collection

Dior Spring // Fashion collection

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Putting 100 more of these beauties out for you!

I’ve only recently discovered how cool and creative fashion collection / resort / photo shoots are 😎

There’s so much story telling and nostalgia that goes into them and everything about the process is so inspiring.
Sooo... as we head down into another lockdown I thought it would be cool to draw inspiration from fashion geniuses and create an art- fashion collection.

DIOR SPRING : Created by fashion designer Maria Grazia Chiuri and Parisian botanist company , Coloco - Dior’s spring 2020 collection is all about jungle / forest / almost more like arbor imagery. All the trees used in their fashion runway were replanted throughout the city (🌿 I mean how cool!?)

The campaign celebrates nature and garden and diversity - during a global isolation pandemic.

Lastly- to round it all up and tie back to history - Catherine Dior, sister of Christian - was a resistance fighter and concentration camp prisoner who emerged from the rubble of World War II to become an acclaimed gardener and botanist. She literally grew her way out of the postwar gloom with roses and wildflowers galore. I mean! 🌿🥰

Loved finding out about the background to this work and am probably going to post all the pictures of it because I’m so intrigued by it all! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!

Hope you’re all keeping safe xxx 🤗

PS : best printed at no bigger than A0 //  Fabriano disegno 180g is my favourite paper // and my favourite printers are Wizzards in Constantia !