Street Collection 02

Street Collection 02

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Cape Town Street Collection 

Very excited about these pieces!
I have been so inspired by colour / home / Cape Town / Southern Africa recently that I'm trying out a new vibrant once-off concept to see if you guys like them too :) 

All of these works are very limited to only THREE EDITIONS each.
And all vary in their colour scheme palette.  And I am MAD about them... 
I'm printing mine on a slightly off white linen.. that makes the colour really dynamic and deep - Can't wait to show you guys ! 

Can't wait to see which ones are chosen! 

Hope you've all had an incredible weekend!
And that these fun Cape Town Street Collections had a bit of pizazz to your space !

PS - Best printed out At A1 - ORMS print room is definitely the best spot for fabric printing if you'd like to copy me .. And personally I think hanging the piece in the frame rather than stretching it on a canvas makes for a beautiful texture in a room. 

Can't wait to see what you do with your pieces too!