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Burb Life

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Putting another 100 of these out for a coffee copy for you all!
My all time favourite view !

Starlings / Kbosch / Forries / Cecelia / those Tiger tiger memories 🤣 / Newlands …. What are your favourite ‘burb treats ? 🥰

Today I’m paying homage to my own stomping ground .. the burbs ! Been wanting to do this one for a while … feel that it’s a really underrated side of the mountain and the side that I grew up with 🤗 I used to try imagine little figures and pictures in every valley, rock face and bulge - so it really feels like home to me 🤗 (it always looked like an elephant to me 🐘😂🥰) Anything that you guys see ?

Hope you all having a great week so far!
Sarch x

Few reminders…. files are made at A4: 300 dpi but you probably could push it to print at A3 if you wanted !
My favourite paper to print on is a Fabriana Disegno paper.. about 180g… or any other textured paper you can find.

My favourite printers at the moment are Cornell and Shukri at Wizards in Constantia :)
Don’t forget to pop your edition number in the bottom right corner.

Please send me a pic when you’ve printed and framed ! I cannot tell you how it makes my day! :)

Thank you again! Hope this sparked a little bit of joy in your day!