Waiting Bride // Fashion collection

Waiting Bride // Fashion collection

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Putting 100 more of these beauties out for you!

I’ve only recently discovered how cool and creative fashion collection / resort / photo shoots are 😎

There’s so much story telling and nostalgia in them and everything about the process is so inspiring.
Sooo... as we head down into another lockdown I thought it would be cool to colab with some fashion geniuses to draw inspiration and do a fashion collection.

To spread some joy and love - and this might be my favourite one yet - here is ‘Waiting Bride’ - (🤣 super relatable)
I love it so much I’ve made it suuuper big (90cm x 120cm) for those after a larger piece 😊

Image by @bowendryden - an ethical bridal collection creator and I might be a little obsessed... if you’re locked in and need some creative inspiration- head there !

Giving them to you in exchange for a coffee on this cold cosy day ! 
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and return the favour by passing on the love (its super chilly out there today - helping someone out with clothes/ soup is always easy!:)) 

Hope you're all having a super start to your week!

PS : best printed at no bigger than A0 //  Fabriano disegno 180g is my favourite paper // and my favourite printers are Wizzards in Constantia !