Table Mountain Triptych

Table Mountain Triptych

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I've uploaded another 100 '0' editions of the digital print for you guys to print and enjoy! 

Thank you so much for all the love and sharing the latest landscape triptec... it is definitely one of my favourites...and most detailed! and I hope it brings you guys as much happiness to your home as it does to mine !
Please send your pictures of where you've put it up - that always makes my day !

You will see a little line in the bottom right corner to put your edition in - pop in a '0' and hopefully next time you can grab one of the limited /50's :) 

Little reminders - 
Print size is anything smaller than A1 ( you can go bigger but will probably pixilate a bit
-My favourite printers at the moment are Wizzards in Constantia ( they're super helpful and happy to print on your own paper if you take it there :))
- My favourite paper to print on is a 160g Fabriano disegno 50% cotton ( you can get it at your closest deckle edge :))

Hope that helps ! And hope you have an incredible day !

Love , Sarch x